Why doesn’t Linux need defragmenting?

This was one of the most elegant and simple explanations on the topic I have seen.

Now why doesn’t the Mac need defragmenting? Read this for the answer. Although you can and about every 6 months or so, I do, because I get a slight speed boost.


Who Killed the Webmaster?

This is a great article.

From the article:
“By 2000, I think every person in the developed world had a brother-in-law who created websites on the side.”

I was that brother-in-law.

It continues:
“Armed with Frontpage and a pirated copy of Photoshop, he’d charge a reasonable fee per page (though posting more than three images cost extra.)”

I had a Student Licensed copy of Microsoft FrontPage and a pirated version of Photoshop 4. (Don’t worry Adobe, I have gotten many a company to purchase Photoshop in the last 10 years – it was worth it for you. Trust me.)

A business was born, lived on bad design, poor programming, sleeping late, watching morning reruns of “Wings” and “Boston Commons,” and then died 18 months later. I killed the webmaster. But he died with a smile on his face.

I would recommend it to everyone.

found via Slashdot.

Hey Yahoo! Stop the sucks!

A few months back, I can’t say precisely when, but as best I can remember is was the end of October, I tried to log in to my Yahoo! Mail account to retrieve a password. This password was auto generated alphabet soup by a website and, with random combinations of letters and numbers, I usually leave it up to mail accounts to remember such things, because something like “J3G9mT5Ea” is not exactly easy for my brain to regurgitate on demand.

Back to the end of October. I go to login to Yahoo! Mail and, due to Yahoo’s infinite wisdom, I could not log into my account because of “Error Code 1.” What are the chances. Of all all the possible errors on earth, I get the first one – must be my lucky day. So to report this error I have to go to a special page. Then I fill this page out with all the pertinent information. “Code 1 or Code 2?” “Wow,” I said, “only 2 possible errors on the entire system.” ‘Tis an amazing system when only two things could possible go wrong.

Wait 2 weeks. No response. I try again.

Then wait 2 weeks. Nothing.

Hmmm… It must be me. I must be experiencing a personal “Error Code 34523.” These things happen. So I called support, Christi in the living room, and she made me a cup of tea.

Ok, time to fill out a the error page differently. The only thing I could do differently is change the email address. Used my Gmail account – ironic no? I can depend on my Gmail account.

Wait 2 days. I got a response.

I must stop at this point and say that the email correspondence with the Yahoo! support was always prompt and very cordial. It is not the people at Yahoo! I had a problem with. They were all very professional.

Within the next day I was logging in to my Yahoo! Mail account, “now with Beta Interface Freshness.” But, all email I have been collecting over the last 4 years was gone. OK. Fine. Must not have been that important, right? Well, it must not have been important to Yahoo!.

As a side note, I proceeded to un-subscribe all the spam this account was receiving. Maybe I could revive this account from corporate spam hell – corporate spam is “legit” spam after all. Right? So once per week, I logged in and un-subscribed to my hearts content. By week four, we were clean and Beta Fresh. I could use this account. I liked the the Beta interface. They did a good job.

Up until last week, all was well. I had a nice secondary account I can use when I, for what ever reason, do not want to use a real email account. (I eventually did retrieve the cryptic password from the cryptic website – now I must commit “r94bd83m” to memory.)

Then – I got a message from Yahoo!, I have not logged in to my Yahoo! account for four months. All my mail has been deleted, again. Considering I have been checking the account once per week, that’s unlikely. If I want to revive the mail account, with guarantees that this would not happen again, I can start paying for a Yahoo! Mail Plus account. Other wise “Click Here” to revive the account with no guaranties.

I call Bullshit! Yahoo! I realize that it is a free account, but this is ridiculous.

If you are on Yahoo! Mail and would like a Gmail invite – just send me an email.


Kubuntu or Ubuntu on PPC. And where is the Flash?

Last week I wrote about putting Kubuntu on my old 450 Mhz PowerPC Mac. I did not really give it a good workout, but upon further review…

Kubuntu became unstable when I started messing with the video settings in the System Manager. Don’t know why. Programs started closing for no reason and the system became unusable.

I then tried plain old Ubuntu. Ubuntu limits how you can screw with the video settings so I could not screw with the display. And since I have been using Ubuntu for about 2 years now, it is like old hat. And it is faster than Kubuntu. It stings a little, I know, but it is true.

I am not trying to disparage Kubuntu here – it is “my bad” for it breaking and I am sure if I wanted to devote enough time to the display properties I could nail it, I have before. I really was just looking at the “out of the box” experience.

EasyUbuntu works in both Ubuntu PPC and Kubuntu PPC. BUT…

Now for the disclaimer of disclaimers – there is no version of Adobe Flash for PowerPC Linux. I CALL B.S.! Suddenly the hours of listening to Richard M. Stallman go on about “open source this” and “freedom that” makes sense. His message has not really sunk in, until now. “But why does it matter?” you ask.

I immediately think of two sites off hand that REQUIRE Flash be installed – Google Analytics and YouTube. Well guess what, you cannot view them on a PPC Linux box. Period. Adobe’s source code for what more and more web sites are depending on – Flash – is not available to ALL P.C.’s and it won’t be unless Adobe says “O.K.” Think on that for a moment. Even though you are probably not effected – Adobe, by buying Macromedia, literally holds the reins to many sites that we use everyday – huge chunks of the world wide web.

Adobe certainly gives selected permission as to who can drive the car. What if they wanted the keys back?

Linksys CIT200 on your Macintosh. Good Luck.

Don’t bother. Really.

Linksys has not come out with any CIT200 drivers for the Mac. And I have not seen anything saying that this will actually happen. No beta drivers. Nuttin.

I also have not seen anything about an open source project “efforting” to produce a driver. God bless the open source community – I can’t besmirch them for what hey are NOT doing – they give so damn much as it is.

So I, your humble writer, thinks “Hmmmm – Parallels.” It would not really be a good solution, but hey, why not. (Parallels is awesome, by the way. The following is not to reflect poorly on the part of Parallels – but, hey, Linksys, come on!)

I have the latest stable version (1970) of Parallels – it hates USB passionately, with fervor – I could not transfer any USB device other than Mac mounted drive keys to the work with a Windows 2000 virtual machine. And honestly I do not care too. Parallels is fine and should not have to bend to my geeky wants because Linksys will not release a driver for the Mac.

I then tried the current Parallels Beta, which I read can work with USB devices. Well, I was able to get the Windows VM to see it, but it only saw it as an “Unknown USB Device” – useless for the CIT200 Windows driver.

I am sure if you want to run it under Boot Camp, it will work – but it is a big “don’t friggin bother” on a Mac under OS X. Sorry.

If you have any disagreements or have gotten it to work with a Mac directly or within Parallels, please leave a comment – I would love to be wrong about this.