iEatBrainz (really.)

So, you have a digital music collection that goes back to Napster version .99 and Winamp 1.o. Also, you have carried this collection into the modern age of iPods and iTunes. Yet, with all your due diligence, you can’t seem to easily find that rare version of “Kiss” by Age of Chance on your iPod because its ID3 tags say “Cool Prince Cover.” Well, if you have a Mac – there is a glorious piece of freeware for you.

iEatBrainz – Yes, that is the name.

What this program does is indispensable. It will go through your collection of mp3s (and AACs) and re-tag them automagicly with the proper name, album, artist and track number. It uses digital “DNA” of the song file and compares it to the MusicBrainz database. For most of your tracks it GETS IT RIGHT (again, “most.” Read: not all). I mean “wow.” Beautiful.

After you update your songs, update your artwork in iTunes and you will be the coolest, most organized, pocket-protector wearing kid on the block.

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