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(I am not going to fix the errors in the translation in this post. But, in the end, Jott is not too shabby.)

Hi, I am testing out a new service called Jott and you can be reach that http://www.jott.com, is very interesting because right now I am speaking and it is just transcribing with I am saying, so literally this is for the laziest person on the planet, because he do not have to do any typing what so ever, I really don’t have much so besides that, so if you want to give it a try, I do whole heartedly invited to. Have a great day. listen

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How not to build your own HDTV antenna.

Strange, there is nothing more satisfying than building something from scratch that is useful and utilitarian, giving it an intrinsic and actual value.

That is why I was so impressed with the “Build your own HDTV antenna video.”

I’m lazy and cheap (sometimes) so, in the middle of my move to Atlanta, I came up with the idea to try to find an antenna that essentially the same, except, purchased. Out of character, I know.

In searching I found the Antennas Direct DB2. This antenna is small, of the bow-tie genre, and, I was glad to find out, comes unassembled. So, if you live less than 10 miles from most of the transmitters you pick up HDTV signals from, this may be for you. But, if you live a little further out and can only use an indoor antenna, like in an apartment, then Antennas Direct makes the DB4. The DB4 is pretty much the exact same structure as the Build Your Own Antenna project.

The following images may answer some questions…

The antenna comes in two pieces and has the necessary hardware for assembly. I am of the impression the “chicken wire” makes this antenna directional, so, by not using it, allows you to place this most any where in an apartment and pick up omni-directionally. This method stinks for analog television because you get signal reflections, but most digital tuners (like my TIVO HD) are smart enough to filter out the noise.

The antenna itself is only about a foot long, a foot wide and works laying down on the carpet since I am not on the first floor of the building. But you could easily lean it against a wall and/or hide it behind your TV or couch.

The balun is built in to the newer versions. The older ones come with the standard outdoor 300 ohm to 75 ohm balun. It is a nice convenience have it built on.

Now you have a choice build it or buy it. Options to rid yourself of cable television are “a good thing.™”