Atlanta High Museum

Last Saturday, Christi, my wife, and I went to the High Museum of Art in Midtown Atlanta. Well unlike most men I actually like museums. On top of that, Christi decided to start a blog, Lost in Atlanta (I am jealous that she got the domain and wrote a very concise review of her experience.

So, in order to join her in solidarity, kind of like a marriage, we put together a short video about the trip.


Jonathan Coulton – March 22, 2008

Let me say that culturally, since I moved to Atlanta two months ago, I have had some of the best food, met some good people and seen some very good shows.

I thought seeing Bob Mould on March 18th at the Variety Playhouse would be interesting, since I was a fan of him, Husker Du, and Sugar in my youth. He was not interesting; he was fantastic. Even his opening act, Halou, was so good, my wife, Mrs. Christi, bought their EP. The whole evening was a “wow” event for me.

But, the following Saturday, in the same venue, we went to see Jonathan Coulton (and Paul and Storm.) This was not a “wow” event. Not even close. This was a “my cheeks were hurting from laughing so much” event. This, friends, is rare. Paul and Storm hearken back to a quick witted vaudevillian act, with jokes that include words like “hexadecimal” and “semaphore.” Coulton, on the other hand, still dizzy from jet lag, let, as I expected, his songs work their magic, bringing out the smiles and the occasional “Arrrrrr!” from a very tuned-in audience.

I loved it. If you have a chance to see them, do.

I also had the opportunity to meet Chad Mcfarlin, better known as birdpony on flickr who besides making interesting pre-show conversation, takes great photos and gave me permission to post his shots of JoCo and Co.

Paul & Storm – If you do not find them hilarious, your inner child eats boogers.

Mr. Coulton – effortlessly doing what he does.

And – unlike most shows, they all got together and “exchanged synergies” – in a PG-13 way.

Good stuff. Highly recommended if you get a chance.

Side note: I truly appreciate the way Mr. Coulton promotes himself, as he explains on this episode of TWIT; the R.I.A.A. is probably still scratching their heads.

Grandstream 286 and Gizmo – again…


Hi John –

Thanks for your blog entry. It saved me a ton of time and aggravation. Now, we’ve got an available, affordable (goodbye Vonage!), and cool way to get phone service to our weekend house. I could never justify paying $50/month, or even Vonage’s $24/month for a phone that we use maybe once or twice a month. Purpose of a getaway house is to get-away.

Thanks again. Great article.




I am glad you enjoyed the post. I am still using the 286 with Grand
Central and next month my wife and I will drop our AT&T cell plan for
a pay as you go plan that should end up being about $140 per year
($280 for both of us). That will be my total phone expenditure for the
year – as apposed to $840 per year currently.

There was some more information on that post in the comments, so I
tacked it to the bottom…

Anyway, if the device is working perfectly for you, leave well enough alone.

Thanks again,

What I do here

I just had one of those moments when one realizes that finally, life is coming to some sort of normalcy…

  1. Move – Check.
  2. Apartment – Check.
  3. Job – Check.

Now, I think, “I can get back to posting to more regularly.”

Who am I kidding. I have never posted consistently.

But, in the last couple of months, I have come to realize what this stained, underutilized corner of the Internet is – a place where I fill in some of the cracks of the web.

When I spend literally hours or days researching one thing or another, there is an obvious need for others to find the very thing I trying to wrap my head around, since I, with my mad, crazy Google skills, had such a hard time putting together the information.

So, “here” is not about consistency. “Here” is about getting it out “there.”

…and awesome YouTube videos.