diabeticfeed – David’s comment

Sometimes a comment is so good, it deserves it’s own post…

Thanks for your wonderful contribution to both podcasting and those interested in information about diabetes. When I first discovered podcasting, I wanted to find something that I really wanted to listen to. So, I entered “diabetes” into the iTunes search window. Up popped your podcast. I have to admit that yours was the second podcast I listened to. The first one only had a single episode. It was conducted by some seventh grader somewhere as a class project. He read his script so carefully. It had good information. Then you could hear a crash in the background. He called out to his mother to be more quiet making dinner, after all, he exclaimed, “I am on the Internet.”

I am glad to hear all is well. When things go silent with this podcast, and the host is a diabetic, it is easy to get nervous. I am a Type II Diabetic and keep a close watch on myself.

Your podcast exemplified the best of podcasting. It was authentic, had passion for the topic, interacted with the audience, etc. It inspired me to create a weekly podcast with the college students in my history class. http://thenandnow.org Our theme music comes from Derek K. Miller, “Cold Cloth” I am planning an additional podcast on another education issue as well. I will use your theme music from Derek K. Miller. I play it on my iPhone from time to time as well. That music selection is in honor of Mr. Miller and your show as well. The content will be different, but the theme music on mine (and lots of other podcast shows) lives on.

Thanks again for your work. It was well appreciated. (I still keep all the old episodes safely stored on my desk top computer).

God bless,
David Arendale

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