The Archive

I saw this featured on Rocketboom last week – being a former “collector” of music that now owns an iPod (ok, two iPods), one does not have to think to hard as to why this guy can’t sell his $50 million archives for $3 million. Kind of sad.
The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.


Dr. Horrible – How long will this last…

Hey, I have a great idea. I have bullet-ized the points of this idea because that’s what bloggers do.

  • Make great entertainment for the internets.
  • Then give it away, practically, but…
  • Sell a better quality version on the iTunes.
  • Then take it away the free version.
  • Then put the free version back out there.
  • ?

Oh, wait, Joss Whedon has already done this. Let’s see how long this video lasts…