What are people reading ’round here…

Honestly, dear reader, I have been lax in putting new posts on this site. I break all the rules about being consistent in getting good content on a blog. Yet, for some reason, the quantity of readers has been on a steady increase for the last 4 months – so say the numbers at Google Analytics. I also got a boost in the amount of time people hang around when I took all the ads off about a year ago. The lesson for me with that was “don’t annoy the crap out of readers with ads.”

In an effort to demonstrate the extreme levels of geek that are on display, here are the top 5 posts that people hit ’round here.

Build Your Own HDTV Antenna and its sister article How NOT to Build Your Own HDTV Antenna have proven to be the ultimate Google bait for me. And the reason is obvious with the digital transition coming in America on February 17th. I LOVE that people are looking for ways to get free TV and I LOVE that they are willing to do it with coat hangers.

Oh Holy Night From Studio 60 – when NBC put the ‘Oh Holy Night’ song from the TV show ‘Studio 60’ as a free MP3 on the web site, they were magnanimous. When they canceled the show and removed the song, they were asses. I found the song and have links.

Inane Bug 2 and a Fix Viewsonic WAPBR – there are times when bad technology leaves you cold, alone, and angry. The Viewsonic WAPBR out of the box was a piece of s**t. I cobbled together some instructions with the help of some info I found on some forums on how to replace the firmware. This post alone has helped a couple hundred people from putting the WAPBR in the landfill.

There is No Oscar the Grouch for OS-X – Sad but true – OS X does not allow the finagling of the trash bin that OS 9 and earlier versions allowed.

On the Generals Orders – Wong Fei Hung Theme -Not one of my finer moments. I take and midi file, dump it in Garage Band, and re-work the song. On the virtue of the rarity of the song I get hits. Again, I am not proud because this is really second rate “Look what I can do mom!” content.

Plus One – Senator Stevens vs The Ninja – Net Neutrality – it is really an inside joke but this one really made ME laugh out loud for a week. I am going to really miss Ted Stevens.

After these links, I hope you have a look around and find something that makes you smile, think, or helps you because that is all I’m really try to accomplish around here.


The Sega 32x

Granted, I have never played any Sega 32x game, though in me lies a nostalgic streak for old video games and systems. I was working in the electronics department of a Wal-Mart and I remember these coming in and collecting dust next to that other brilliant system with all the tech of a ViewMaster, the Nintendo Virtual Boy – which was so awesome that 10 minutes of constant play on this “3D” system, you have a most colossal headache.

I only bring the Sega 32x up because of the following video by the “Angry Video Game Nerd.” The presentation is perfect but the language is coarse, so do not hit play if you are easily offended.