YouTube Geniuses

I realize that I have already started out with an unlikely title. “YouTube Geniuses? Really?” you ask. As the last 4 or so years have droned on along with acquisition by Google, YouTube has slowly become the place to find low quality video of teenagers staring into a camera, teenage boys being kicked in the privates, and a great place for teenagers to pirate commercial video clips. And then I saw the following videos and the YouTube world suddenly became a place where young and upcoming talent put forth some interesting ideas and hard work. I mean really hard work. You don’t just wake up one day and decide “I am going to be an animator.” What I am seeing in these videos is years of honing skills – I hope you do as well.

The following two videos are from YouTube user HarryPartridge. Considering that the following were made for fun by and individual and you clearly see a love and understanding of the content (Watchmen) as well as the work involved in bringing something like this to life, I am, and you should be, in awe.

I have had my own copy of Akira for about 15 years now in one form or another, so the idea of an Americanized live action version coming in 2011 bothers me. The following is in HarryPartridge’s response to this notion – absolute genius.

This last video is from OtaKing77077. I have been watching Doctor Who in one form or another for the last 25 years or so, so, when I see something like this and realize that it was made by an individual with extreme levels of talent and skill, I want to spend the hard cash to buy this video – only the video does not exist. Just beautiful work.

If you have some notions of some other works of genius, pass them along in the comments and I will update the article – but you have to make a good case because, after all we are talking about “genius” here.