The ViewSonic WAPBR-100 – Revisited.

This post is a response to a post I put up a year and some months ago about the The ViewSonic WAPBR-100 along with the discussion that has occurred over time in the post’s comments. I think it is interesting as to the Google juice and the conversation this little lark has created. And if it were not for the conversation, I would not have instantly had a solution to… oh, first a story.

I have a server. Not the most powerful, but it has real RAID and a 64 bit Linux and heaps of memory and half a terabyte of storage. My baby is strong and has good bones. My baby is also loud and hot – so much for 24/7 operation. Then it hit me, I could plug my baby monster into a wifi access point and run it in the basement where it is cool and dry and I would not have to worry about the noise. So I did. And in doing so I brought my ViewSonic WAPBR-100 out of mothballs to hook the server into the network remotely.

But WPA2 encryption did not work in bridge mode with the replacement Linksys firmware. This was an odd little quirk because it had WPA2 available in other modes. Time to pull the trigger on the discussion about DD-WRT that was happening on my old post.

My friends, lets not quibble here anymore – just load DD-WRT. It works. It works well. It is beautiful. And adds yet more functionality to the once annoying paper weight that Viewsonic brought to the world.

Get it here (I’m using the “dd-wrt.v24_micro_generic.bin”)

Good Day, Sir. Harrumph.