One cheapskate’s stupid guide to making a DVD (Windows)

You have video. Maybe you got this off the web, off a video camera or off your Tivo. And you have have total and complete ownership of this video because you would not want to break any copyright laws. You want to make a DVD, but you don’t want to spend the money on DVD burning software and all the brain damage that comes along with learning this expensive software. Can this be done and remain cheap and easy? Yes.

DVDFlick is a genius bit of open source software that works, works well and does all of the heavy lifting for you. You to not have to know the dimensions of the video, the type of codecs you need or even the first thing about the annoying minutia of DVDs. The program knows, so you don’t have to. And is free and open source.

Take video and drop it on Program.
Set the preferences.
Hit “burn disk.”

See? Easy. Now you can give grandma DVDs of all those AVI files you have of the kids.