The Mac App Store

It would be so easy to sit here and write snarky remarks about how “Finally, Macintosh users finally have a way to put software on there computers” or “It was so hard dragging a single icon into the applications folder – so much work.” But, that would be under-cutting the brilliance of what the Mac App Store brings to the whole Macintosh experience.

Being an Ubuntu Linux user, an iPhone user, food shopper and purchaser of fine thrift shop merchandise, I understand the value of discovery. “Oh,” one thinks, “I have never thought of working this [thing, food, or application]  into my life. And…” one continues, “if I were not [standing, looking or smelling here] I would not have found [the aforementioned stuff].” And there it is – the brilliance of consumer discovery.

Ubuntu’s software library attempts to categorize packages for ease of use, but I have never found myself installing software on Ubuntu that I absolutely did not need for a specific purpose. Ubuntu, for me, is all about precognition. But, I am constantly fiddling with new apps on my iPhone, and now Macbook, just to dip my toe in the water and see what is out there. It is fun. It is entertainment. It may prove to be useful (though, often is not).

So, go ahead, do a software update on your Mac and take the Mac App Store for a spin – you will not be able to miss the new blue circle with the “A” icon in your toolbar and you have nothing to lose but time. And money.