Tivo Slide Remote Not Working

I had previously posted the following information here, but I’m pleased for figuring out the issue about so many people have complained…

I needed to post this somewhere because I was happy to be able to fix mine, yet, sad to find out the the build quality on the Slide was so poor. This is a case of where a dab of hot glue during construction would have saved this product and many headaches for people who own one.

There is a small daughter board in this remote that sits above the battery compartment. This board is only connected by a 20 pin (guess) connecter and nothing else. Over time the daughter board, which is the heart of the device, becomes loose – explaining the loss of functionality over time, then death when the board becomes disconnected. You may hear it rattle, if it becomes completely disconnected, when you shake your remote.

The daughter board needs to be reseated or reconnected. You can get to it if you remove the one small screw on the bottom of the battery compartment and work your way up the edge of the case carefully with a screwdriver till you remove the bottom of the case. With the back off, you should see the daughter board, either coming off, or completely disconnected. If it is still connected, press firmly at the socket end to re-seat, and, optionally tape it or, for the more adventurous, dab some hot glue on the edge to hold it down. Then put the back back on.

If it is completely off – find the socket and plug it back in – the body of the daughter board covers over the LED and is not oriented in the direction of the batteries. You may then have to contend with the small rectangular magnets that can come loose. There are these small rectangular holes on the right side on the edge where these magnets fit. With the remote closed while the back is off, try and fit the magnets back in. If they are oriented wrong they will not stay. Use a screwdriver for them to stick to while you slide the magnets back in. Again, hot glue would have been nice during construction, but who takes their stuff apart, really.

I hope this helps some of you. Comment here with results, please. If requested, I will add images of the back off and the daughter board for clarity.

That said, I would recommend getting the TivoGlo – it will not stop working for no apparent reason after the 90 day warranty.

UPDATE 8/27/2012: YES! Stephan Stelter posted a great video on YouTube, thank you Mr. Stelter!

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