Dead again.

For no apparent reason, the HTC EVO Design died in the middle of the night. This is not a workable phone if I can’t put it down with 50% battery life and have it die on me in the middle of the evening. I am finding this phone less and less charming as time goes on – if it were not for FreedomPop’s service being free, I would never have purchased this phone.

If I may, this phone seems to have been doomed from the moment it came into production. There are times my battery is at 100% AND plugged in and EVEN THEN the battery runs down. I am not saying it is not possible, but for the phone to demand so much energy in such a bursty way that it can’t keep a charge even if plugged-in seems like a design flaw.

And then there is the discovery of the FM Radio chip (Androids own page says it is no FM radio). Huh? I am not the first to know about this, but, there is a hidden FM Radio in my phone, that if I use, I have to reboot the phone for the phone to work right again. More to come on this later…

But for now, ick.


Week Six Review/Progress Report of FreedomPop’s HTC EVO Design

Is FreedomPops HTC Evo Design and mobile Sip service a winner? If you got rid the phone – maybe. The now discontinued HTC Evo Design has been plagued with battery, heat, reception and under powered processor issues since it was first available new. Simply put, there are times when I am dependent on the cell network and have to make a call my chances are, at best, “iffy,” even if I have the reception bars. The Sip/VoIP lag can be frustrating when I do get through. But, it all works well when I am at home on my FioS using TakaTone on my Google Voice account, bypassing the phones built in functionality.

The HTC Evo Design, in my opinion was not the right phone for FreedomPop to choose for its, let’s face it, completely revolutionary phone service. Luckily FreedomPop now allows you to bring your own Sprint network phone, if it is on the shortlist. Sign up soon to make the cut.

So, where does that leave the individual with the questionable quality and service of the HTC Evo Design? I am looking into issues such as problems with their SIP service, looking at other sip providers or Skype, or looking into buffer bloat and possible ways around it. But I do not have the answers. Yet.

Wish me luck.