No need to root, just load a ROM…

The other day, out of nowhere, in the middle of the day, my FreedomPop HTC EVO Design decided not to respond. To anything. AT ALL. The phone was in a race condition. I could not turn it on or off. I had to take the battery out and put it back in and take it back out again and put it back in. And then it booted. Finally. I should not be surprised. Are you noticing a theme with my posts yet?

As stated before, I am done. So, before I give this phone up, let’s see if I can get this thing livable. Though, I will explain why ‘livable’ truly cannot happen. But, for the sake of completion, here are 2 Android ROMs that I got to work on my HTC EVO Design and gets rid of the crappy, buggy, slow software this thing came with. I almost (read: almost) came close to NOT giving up this phone all together because of these roms (I was very impressed), but I will and, as I said, I will explain why…

The following two roms you can replace your stock rom with and get better performance, battery life and general experience than with this phone’s stock roms. If you got a phone from FreedomPop, it is already rooted, you can skip ahead in the linked threads/articles. Speaking of which, read the articles carefully before you attempt any of this and learn to make a full backup of your phone that you can recover from if things go horribly wrong. And also, the cleaner your phone is to start with, the better, in my experience.

1. JellyBean/Cyanogenmod for HTC EVO Design
Oh my, this thing is beautiful and modern and fast – and unofficial. When you push it really hard, it barely flinches; it is amazing. I wish FreedomPop used this! 2 Problems: 1… Netflix does not work (could be that Nextflix does not like C.M. JellyBean. This may fix it – I have not tried this.) And 2… the 4G cell network doesn’t work with this rom. Now get this, I could make a call over 3G using FreedomPop’s Messaging app, with an unbelievable amount of lag, but it worked. I could not do this before. This OS is a joy, all the programs I used work better, the built-in music app, Apollo, is great, and the system just, mostly, works as a phone should.

2. ForgottenKingdom
This is an older rom, running Ice Cream Sandwich, but it gives you the ability to get rid of all the HTC Sense UI garbage, which is what I suspect was giving the mediocre experience on the EVO Design. This rom comes a lot closer to what the stock experience SHOULD HAVE BEEN! Sense UI just needs more juice than this phone has to offer I guess. ForgottenKingdom also has this great interface for setup that you can customize the heck out of – very good work by the maker of this rom. And, I understand 4G does work with this rom of the box. And this one comes with the should you choose to install it. It is an old Android version, but well done. Faster than stock but not as fast as JellyBean/Cyanogenmod.

I am grateful to the developers and hobbyists that put so much effort into this kind of work. I am in awe. Thank you.

But, why, after all this, is this phone is still untenable? The FreedomPop Messaging app, which does the calling, is too unreliable to call this cell phone a cell phone. Even with the better roms and a more responsive phone, the Messaging app is still as unreliable as ever.

A Samsung Galaxy SIII is in on a truck with a label that has my address on it.

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