Yosemite, Trim for SSDs, and the pain of the bleeding edge.

So you want to run Yosemite, the new public beta of OS X and you are one on the brave few who decided to update your hard drive in your Mac to solid state. Well, to get the best performance out of the SSD, you need to need to instate the “Trim” command. But the Cupertino company does not like this – it means you are not running Apple sanctioned hardware. I got a grey screen with the “NO” symbol after I turned Trim on with Yosemite. Not a good feeling.

Cindori Software came out with a Trim Enabler interface that made instating the command as easy a flipping a switch.  Thank you Cindori.

Back to Yosemite – Apple’s attempt to flatten out OS X to match IOS’s flat interface and bring the 15 year old OS X into the future (not that I don’t like Yosemite- it’s just different looking). Cindori has a full write up on what Apple has done to make it harder to use your own SSD in Apple machines along with a fix and updated Trim Enabler.  All I will say is that Apple is locking the OS down to make such tampering harder. The reason is either for a more secure OS or to stop the tampering. But blocking a computer from booting altogether as a security measure is throwing the baby out with the bath water – which is exactly what happens unless you do Cindori’s voodoo fix.


What do I think of Yosemite generally? Everything is where you expect it to be; and it is not Windows 8. I like that a lot.


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  1. This is just enhancing security. It’s not malicious, and it definitely has nothing to do with specifically targeting Trim Enabler users. Kernel extensions not by Apple are still absolutely supported, they just have to be signed by the developer to confirm it’s not tampered with. In this case, Trim Enabler *is* tampering with an Apple provided kernel extension, and hence that invalidates the code signature.

    They could actually probably keep the security measures in place by re-codesigning it using a locally generated and trusted certificate. I haven’t tried though.


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